Can Expecting Moms Tan

Are Self Tanning Lotions Safe

Tanning lotions are popular products used by people who are fond of darkening their skin. However, pregnant women may hesitate whether such products can be good for their conditions. In reality using tanning lotions or tanning it will depend on certain situations. On the other hand, having a darker skin can make pregnant women more confident about themselves. Likewise, they may also use self-tanning lotions, creams, and foams as these products contain harmless ingredients.

Basically, the ingredients of tanning products only stay on the skin surface and will not penetrate the body and cause harm to the baby in case of pregnancy. Moreover, tanning products have undergone notable developments over the years, that is why can greatly rely on these things nowadays.

Meanwhile, not all tanning products may be safe for about-to-be-moms. They are discouraged from using spray tans because of these release fumes that are potentially harmful to the lungs when inhaled. These fumes may also reach the bloodstream and thus have high chance of affecting the fetus.

However, when using tanning beds, some issues should be addressed.

For instance, tanning beds pose the same risks associated with the sun. Tanning beds emit UV radiation just like the sun; these rays can cause skin cancer in humans. Thus, people should not believe that tanning booths are totally safe.

Research has shown that risk for developing melanoma is doubled when people visit tanning booths for more than 10 times a year. Melanoma is a very dangerous type of cancer that can also affect the baby of pregnant women.

Temperature in tanning beds rises while operating. This increase can potentially harm the baby especially during the first trimester. In fact, research had shown that elevated temperature during pregnancy is highly associated with spinal malformations in developing babies.

On the other hand, when pregnant women lie on their back for too long, there is the danger of restricting blood flow to the heart and the fetus.

Meanwhile, pregnant women with sensitive skin may also have higher chances of developing chloasma, which are the dark splotches that sometimes appear on the face and arms.

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