One of the best ways to look slimmer without losing weight is tanning.  It’s a known fact that tan people appear slimmer.  Another quick way to lose unwanted fat especially if you have been dieting and exercising is to try Coolsculpting Scottsdale.  This spa has a medical device that will actually melt fat away.  The technology was developed by a scientist who noticed that his kid  had an indent on his lips from having too many Popsicles.  His theory was correct that the cold melted the fat collegian in the lips.  It sounds crazy but it actually works especially for double chins and skinny fat cellulite.

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Can Expecting Moms Tan

Are Self Tanning Lotions Safe

Tanning lotions are popular products used by people who are fond of darkening their skin. However, pregnant women may hesitate whether such products can be good for their conditions. In reality using tanning lotions or tanning it will depend on certain situations. On the other hand, having a darker skin can make pregnant women more confident about themselves. Likewise, they may also use self-tanning lotions, creams, and foams as these products contain harmless ingredients.

Basically, the ingredients of tanning products only stay on the skin surface and will not penetrate the body and cause harm to the baby in case of pregnancy. Moreover, tanning products have undergone notable developments over the years, that is why can greatly rely on these things nowadays.

Meanwhile, not all tanning products may be safe for about-to-be-moms. They are discouraged from using spray tans because of these release fumes that are potentially harmful to the lungs when inhaled. These fumes may also reach the bloodstream and thus have high chance of affecting the fetus.

However, when using tanning beds, some issues should be addressed.

For instance, tanning beds pose the same risks associated with the sun. Tanning beds emit UV radiation just like the sun; these rays can cause skin cancer in humans. Thus, people should not believe that tanning booths are totally safe.

Research has shown that risk for developing melanoma is doubled when people visit tanning booths for more than 10 times a year. Melanoma is a very dangerous type of cancer that can also affect the baby of pregnant women.

Temperature in tanning beds rises while operating. This increase can potentially harm the baby especially during the first trimester. In fact, research had shown that elevated temperature during pregnancy is highly associated with spinal malformations in developing babies.

On the other hand, when pregnant women lie on their back for too long, there is the danger of restricting blood flow to the heart and the fetus.

Meanwhile, pregnant women with sensitive skin may also have higher chances of developing chloasma, which are the dark splotches that sometimes appear on the face and arms.

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Organic Spray Tan

Check out this video about organic spray tanning.  This is the safest way to get that golden bronze color.  Most sunless products use a sugar based solution.  There is nothing wrong with it.  The DHA gets in your pores.  You want to be sure to shower, wash and shave before getting the service done.  You want to get all the oils off your skin and avoid lotions and makeup before. Very important. You want to moisturize after NOT before.  Keeping your skin hydrated will allow the procedure to last longer. If you add lotion before it blocks your skin and causes it not to work.

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Sunless Tanning

Tanning is that one thing that people can just go on doing without any preparation. Though tanning sessions look easy enough, it comes with a number of things that beginners should be aware of. This also especially true for spray-tan sessions. Thus, for those who have not tried this type of tanning yet, they should learn about some tips that can help them in their first encounter with spray tan.


People are advised to schedule their tanning appointments in the evening. This way they can directly go to the tanning salon after work and then proceed home after their session. For first timers, they should realize that they cannot afford to get themselves wet for 6–8 hours after their tanning session. However, if they prefer morning appointments, clients should just shower in the evening before their session. For those who are preparing for an event, they should schedule their appointment at least two days before the occasion.


The skin should be properly exfoliated before any tanning session. People can use non-oil-based scrub before getting spray tan. Exfoliation should be accomplished one day before the scheduled tanning appointment or on the same day. Clients also have the option to just shave themselves using a creamy formula ad new blades.

After arriving at the salon, clients are advised to wash their skins and wipe their bodies with cleansing towelette. They are also discouraged from using moisturizers, deodorants, sunscreens, makeup, and oils prior their appointment.


People should wear scrubby and loose fitting clothes after their appointment. Tight clothes, such as leggings and formfitting clothes, can damage the tan of the skin. Preferred footwear include sneakers with not socks, ballet flats, or slide-ons.


After tanning sessions, clients are advised to let their skin rest for 8 hours before taking shower. The water should be lukewarm to cool, and people should keep showering until the water becomes clear. After trying themselves, people should apply ample amounts of moisturizer to their skin.


The skin should always be hydrated to make the tan last longer. People are advised to use moisturizers during day and night and avoid using products containing retinol or alcohol. They are also discouraged from using with hazel, scrubs, masks, strips, or products causing microdermabrasion. Newly tanned individuals should also skip their mani-pedi appointments.

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Beginners Guide To Indoor Tanning

A lot of people go to tanning salons, but admittedly, not everyone has already tried tanning. Thus, for beginners, there are some factors that they must consider before they should decide to lie in those tanning beds. Basically, tanning comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, though many people claim about the benefits of tanning, some say that it can be risky. Thus, people should be aware of the risks and benefits of using tanning beds.


  • Increased risk of skin cancer (75%) and melanoma (20%)

  • Wrinkles

  • Premature aging

  • Compromised immune system

  • Eye damage


  • Can be used to treat eczema

  • Can be used to treat psoriasis

  • Can be used to treat seasonal effective disorder

  • Source of vitamin D, which is essential in cancer prevention

  • Convenient mode of tanning


For first timers, tanning can be a relaxing activity. However, beginner should remember to put on some tanning lotion and wear protective goggles before they lie down in tanning beds. They are also encouraged to ask questions to tanning salon employees should they be concerned with anything related to tanning. It is also better if they learn something about the products used in specific tanning salons.


Yes, some people prefer being clad in something when they lie in tanning beds though most people favor wearing nothing during tanning sessions. Some prefer wearing bathing suit even though they will have tan lines afterward. Meanwhile, tanning stickers serve as indicators on how much darker the skin becomes and they are also sometimes used as temporary tattoos.


Wearing protective eyewear it very important to prevent excessive UV radiation from damaging the eyes and retinas or causing cataracts and blindness. Clients are normally provided with disposable protective eyewear during their visits. Meanwhile, others prefer bringing their own tanning goggles.


Tanning duration depends on the skin type of the person. Thus, before their first sessions, tanning salon employees first determine skin types of the clients. Knowing the skin type is very important in planning for the tanning session for each client.

For those whose skins easily burn, they are advised to undergo tanning for just 5 minutes in level 1 or 2 tanning bed. In relation to this, people should check out if tanning salons have the necessary equipment for their skin types. Some extend their tanning sessions to as long as 7 minutes.

People should also learn that their different types and levels of tanning beds. The levels indicate the amount of UV rays and rapidity of skin tanning. Meanwhile, tanning beds can lying-down beds, stand-up beds, and those with strips of tanning bulbs on their sides.


People should not just lie down during the entire tanning session to avoid incurring wrinkles in their scenes. It is important that UV rays reach the skin so people should move some parts of their body and r bring them nearer to the UV source.


People can choose from a number of tanning lotions based on their needs.

  • Moisturizers are perfect for prevent the skin from drying out.

  • Bronzers or intensifiers function in adding more color to the skin.

  • People may also use maximizers, accelerators, tingle lotions, and cooling lotions.

Lotions should be evenly applied to avoid uneven tanning of the skin. For those with sensitive skins, they should be lotion packets first before buying those that come in bottles.



Peace Love and Cupcakes tanning lotion is favorite among tanning salon customers and is known for its sweet smell. Higher number of the lotion indicates that the user will get a darker skin. People should also not take a shower after tanning to prevent themselves from smelling like tanning lotion.


This brand of lotion is an intensifier. Like bronzers, this lotion contains pigments that aid in making the skin darker. It is perfect for those who prefer wearing shorts. In addition, Shea You Love Me is also moisturizing, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free, making it very popular to a number of users.

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How To Choose A Tanning Salon

When looking for tanning salons, people consider those that can accommodate their needs. Meanwhile, location is also a factor that should be considered. On the other hand, people look at cleanliness and quality of service when searching for tanning salons. However, people are advised to look out for the following components before going to a tanning service provider.


Health should be the primary priority of clients and tanning salons. Thus, when they first enter a tanning salon, people should check whether all equipment are sanitized. They should also check whether only the right equipment are utilized for various services, such as spray tans, leg tanning, and whole body tanning. Before availing any service, customers are advised to inquire regarding how salon staff clean their equipment and establishment and any other hygienic practices exercised in the salon. If staff members cannot give a straight answer, then customers should consider going to another tanning salon.


Employees should not only be customer friendly but also well-learned regarding the following;

  • Sanitary and health requirements

  • Smart tanning practices

  • Services, prices, and packages offered

  • Tanning and spray tanning equipment

  • Products for sale

Employees of tanning salon should ensure that their clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. They should not only promote the services of their salons but also the health of the clients.


Tanning salons should be fully equipped for all the services that they offer. Meanwhile, people should choose tanning salons that offer tanning packages that can accommodate their needs. There tanning salons that offer wide variety of tanning packages at absolutely reasonable prices.


People can browse the internet for reviews regarding their prospect tanning salons. They should for those with positive and legitimate reviews from other reliable clients.

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Tanning Bed Tips

Tanning salons are quite popular among people, whether they are preparing for summer vacation or just to avoid getting burned easily by the sun. Meanwhile, others take time to make their skin darker to look more attractive while they wear their favorite swimsuits. However, in some cases, tanning is recommended for people who suffer from depression or vitamin D deficiency. Research shows that UV light results in production and release of beta-endorphin, which is known for providing people with a sense of well-being and giving them “runners high.”

On the other hand, some individuals like going to tanning salons instead of getting baked under the sun. moreover, they can save more time in tanning salons as getting darker skin is achieved in shorter periods of time.


People can avail different forms of services in tanning salons. These services include different levels of tanning, using beds with timers, radios, cd players, and access to different types of tanning lotions. A good salon will first ask clients to take a skin type survey. After determining the skin type, a staff applies tanning lotion on the client’s skin to help them tan faster. However, clients may refuse to have their skinned lotioned. Still, they should consider using tanning lotions as these products contain ingredients that can aid in making the skin soft and healthier. Before lying on tanning beds, clients should not forget to wear goggles.


Skin survey is taken by clients in order to determine their skin type. Knowing the skin type aids in providing clients with their desired tan. Skin is score from 1 to 6, with 1 indicating the lightest shade and 6 being the darkest. In most cases, people possess skin type 3; this type require 6–8 minutes of tanning in levels 1 or 2 beds. People can increase their tanning time for about a minute as long as their skin remains tan and does not get burned.


Some popular brands of tanning lotions include Designer Skin, Australian Gold, and Swedish Beauty. Meanwhile, some prefer the more expensive Designer Skin brands because of their quality. These lotion can be purchased at $25 to $120 per bottle. The prices can be a bit steep but they are guaranteed to last for a long time. Other people recommend using Black Ultimate 20X Bronzing Body Silk Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion Tanning Lotion. This brand smells wonderfully, moisturizing, and results in dark bronzed skin.

People should choose tanning salons that allow them to use their preferred brands of lotions. Moreover, people are discouraged from using tanning lotions that are not specific for indoor use.


  1. People should take a shower first and exfoliate their skin with abrasive soaps or scrubbing sponge. Ideally, the skin should be clean and free of dead skin cells.

  2. Then, tanning lotion must be applied on skin. Such products can hasten the tanning process by 40% to 70%. Likewise, using tanning lotions guarantees that the skin will be softer, smoother, and darker.

  3. Avoid staying in tanning beds for longer periods. Tanning sessions normally last for 6–8 minutes. For those with burned skins, they should let a day pass by before tanning themselves again.

  4. Always wear goggles while tanning. It is important that people wear goggles in tanning beds to protect their eyes from UV rays.

  5. Undergo tanning session with 48 h intervals. After reaching their desired tan, clients can visit tanning salons once or twice a week to maintain their color.

  6. Use tan extenders to make the tan last longer. This type of tanning lotion normally contains bronzers, which help in adding extra color to skin, and other ingredients that contribute in making the skin smoother and tanner.

  7. Practice responsible tanning. People should realize that though exposure to sun can be good for the body, there is still a limit for such exposure.

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